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Did you know that companies emphasizing CX saw a remarkable 2% boost in customer retention? Customer experience is the cornerstone of business growth, and in today's dynamic landscape, it's evolving rapidly. So, what exactly is Cloud CX?

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Ever wondered how your company's data privacy influences customer acquisition? Well, it's essential! Studies indicate that 60% of customers are ready to spend more if they trust how their data is handled by the vendors. Sadly, 63%

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You cannot improve what you can't measure How many of you truly measure your cybersecurity systems or processes? Surprisingly, many organizations neglect the importance of monitoring cybersecurity metrics, let alone measuring them. 😱 But here's the truth:

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It’s difficult to imagine a life without apps……….. Or a world without apps. And their importance in today’s business landscape cannot be overstated. A total of over 230 billion apps were downloaded in 2021 alone. Can you

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The IT landscape is rapidly evolving. And keeping up with the change is indeed a challenge. What’s more challenging is keeping up with the trends and best practices. For example, terms like ‘operational modernization’ and ‘digital transformation’

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Did you know that 96% of professionals believe that automating security and compliance operations, a fundamental principle of DevSecOps, can bring significant benefits to their organizations? In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations are realizing the importance of

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About Catapult Learning Catapult Learning is committed to helping students overcome challenges and achieve academic success. With a large team of about 5,000 experienced educators, their goal is to improve students' lives by delivering effective education solutions.

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Imagine a world where your processes are streamlined, data is accurate, and decisions are made with confidence. It's all possible with a smooth ERP migration! ???????? According to a recent study, businesses that successfully migrate to an

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Did you know that 70% of our time is spent on mobile devices? And out of that, a whopping 90% is dedicated to mobile apps! It's no wonder they've become such an integral part of our daily