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About BrainSpace

Brainspace is a cutting-edge data analytics platform designed to empower investigations, eDiscovery, intelligence mining, and compliance tasks. With patented technology, Brainspace offers a powerful Augmented Intelligence solution, enabling users to swiftly identify crucial information and reduce legal risk. Whether for legal professionals, investigators, or analysts, Brainspace’s comprehensive and advanced capabilities facilitate the quick surfacing of data insights, making it an invaluable tool for organizations seeking efficient data analysis and decision-making.



The objective of BrainSpace involves streamlining upgrades, auto-detecting legacy versions, and managing uninstallations with precision.


  • Specialized Configurations

    Custom Configuration Handling including adeptly navigating the complexities arising from customized Brainspace installations, especially when users demand intricate configurations like specialized port setups has become a challenge for BrainSpace. Ensuring the installer (BDC) accommodates these custom specifications without compromising stability demands meticulous development. Clear communication and user guidance are essential to facilitate a smooth installation process to allow Brainspace to meet diverse user requirements while upholding software integrity and optimal performance.

  • Error Handling

    Developing robust error-handling systems is crucial to identify, report, and manage errors gracefully, ensuring a smooth user experience and preventing installation failures. This challenge demands comprehensive testing and anticipation of potential scenarios that may lead to errors, aiming to provide clear and actionable error messages. Effectively addressing this challenge ensures that users receive prompt guidance when issues arise, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and enhancing overall reliability in the installation process.

  • Complexities of Upgrading

    Ensuring a seamless transition from one version to another demands a meticulous understanding of the software’s internal dependencies and potential impacts on existing functionalities. It involves careful planning, testing, and communication to minimize disruptions for users. This challenge underscores the need for a well-orchestrated upgrade process that balances the introduction of new features with the preservation of existing functionalities, maintaining a smooth and reliable user experience.

Sesat’s Solutions

  • Intelligent Legacy Upgrades

    To enhance the upgrade process, SESAT introduced an intelligent legacy upgrade feature in the Installer (BDC). This innovation automates the detection of existing Brainspace software versions, streamlining the transition to newer releases. By intelligently managing legacy versions, the Installer (BDC) ensures optimal compatibility during upgrades. Users benefit from a seamless experience, as the system adeptly identifies and configures the environment to accommodate the latest software version, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the efficiency of Brainspace software upgrades. This strategic enhancement simplifies the upgrade journey, making it both user-friendly and technically precise.

  • Comprehensive Error Management

    SESAT took a proactive approach by embedding a robust error-handling mechanism within the Installer (BDC), aimed at fortifying the installation process. This strategic enhancement involves the generation of clear, actionable error messages that serve as user-friendly guides through potential challenges.

    In the event of issues during installation, these messages not only promptly identify the problem but also provide actionable insights for resolution. SESAT’s focus on comprehensive error management aims to minimize disruptions, empower users to troubleshoot effectively, and ultimately ensure a smooth and frustration-free installation experience with Brainspace.

  • Streamlining Configuration

    For standard setups, Sesat implemented an intuitive configuration wizard to ensure a straightforward and accessible configuration process, making it user-friendly for individuals with varying technical backgrounds. On the other hand, for customized installations involving complex configurations like specialized port setups, the wizard becomes an invaluable guide. It takes users through each step, ensuring a smooth and error-free configuration process, thus guaranteeing a seamless installation experience for all users, regardless of their specific requirements.


  • 80% reduced errors
  • 75% legacy upgrade success rate
  • 80% installation time reduction