Transforming Administration and Student Data Management with a Smart and Streamlined Approach

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About Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning is committed to helping students overcome challenges and achieve academic success. With a large team of about 5,000 experienced educators, their goal is to improve students’ lives by delivering effective education solutions.

They offer a range of evidence-based programs and services, including personalized student instruction, support for families, professional development for teachers, special education, and alternative education options. Through their unique methods, Catapult Learning collaborates with schools nationwide and globally.

Their mission is to empower students, equip them with essential skills, and create a nurturing environment for growth and achievement. By focusing on individual student needs, Catapult Learning helps students thrive academically, regardless of any obstacles they may face.

Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning is a leading education solutions provider dedicated to supporting students and driving academic achievement with research and evidence-based education programs and services.




Aims to revolutionize education by leveraging smart transformation and automating student and teacher performance data.
Eliminating the tedious task of manual data collection and dedicating more time to driving continuous improvements and enhancing the learning experience.

  • Implemented targeted diagnostic tests and student plans for individualized support
  • Created personalized student plans and progress reports for targeted interventions

Catapult Learning’s challenges:

Navigating complex data management

Catapult Learning faces the ongoing challenge of efficiently managing a substantial amount of student and teacher data across a diverse range of public and non-public schools on a global scale. Within this complex landscape, the need arises for a well-integrated and user-friendly system that can seamlessly handle this extensive data and distribute it to the respective stakeholders. The current reliance on manual data collection processes adds further complexity, making it imperative to explore innovative approaches to streamline data management, improve accessibility, and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of performance tracking and reporting.

Overcoming data collection challenges

Catapult Learning faces the challenge of enabling personalized consultations for students, which necessitates the collection of extensive data such as progress reports and academic performance records. However, the manual nature of data collection poses a significant obstacle, hindering teachers’ ability to carry out efficient and tailored consultations with students and their parents. The lack of an automated system for data collection and management further exacerbates the issue, impeding the seamless execution of personalized consultations within Catapult Learning. Addressing these challenges is crucial to optimize the delivery of personalized support and foster meaningful engagement between teachers, students, and parents.

Inefficient student-educator consultations

Educators at Catapult Learning understand the importance of creating student progress reports and diagnostic tests on a regular and automated basis. These reports and tests play a vital role in guiding students on the right path and providing timely consultations. However, relying on manual data collection methods limits efficiency and often leads to frustrating delays.


Streamlining performance reporting with accuracy

With the help of SESAT Technologies’ comprehensive solution, Catapult Learning achieved a scalable and accurate progress reporting system. SESAT’s advanced software tools and scalable architecture enabled Catapult Learning to deploy flexible solutions, addressing their data collection challenges. The automated progress report generation improved teacher communication with parents, ensuring timely and efficient updates on student performance. SESAT’s solution provided Catapult Learning with the means to streamline their processes, enhance data accuracy, and facilitate effective communication between teachers and parents.

Real-time attendance management at scale

With Sesat’s smart attendance monitoring solution, Catapult Learning bid farewell to manual record-keeping. Attendance became a breeze as they embraced automated tracking, while detailed reports effortlessly found their way to the right recipients. SESAT’s game-changing approach streamlined operations, lightening the administrative load and ensuring accurate attendance records. Catapult Learning harnessed the power of this innovative solution to boost efficiency, foster data accuracy, and foster seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Reporting efficiency with data management

By automating the collection of vital information such as teacher’s periods, performance, and consultations, SESAT transformed the tedious manual tasks into a seamless and accurate system. Reports containing valuable insights are now effortlessly delivered to stakeholders, facilitating informed decision-making. With SESAT’s innovative solution, Catapult Learning experienced a significant boost in data management efficiency, allowing teachers to focus more on their core responsibilities.


  • 75% improved administrative efficiency
  • 60% time saved
  • 90% enhanced data accuracy

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