Empowering Farmers for a Sustainable Future with DFarm’s Digital-first Approach

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About DFarm
DFarm is a decision support web application that serves as a comprehensive toolkit for farmland management. It enables users to analyze information, compare options, and make well-informed decisions for their agricultural needs. The platform allows users to add and locate farmland on an interactive map, access weather data for their fields, and view informative graphs and maps. With user-friendly features and data-backed insights, DFarm empowers users to optimize their farmland management and make data-driven decisions with ease.

DFarm is a decision support web application that helps users make data-backed decisions for farmland management through interactive maps, weather data, and informative graphs.

Agriculture technology (Agritech)

DFarm is driven by a profound business objective to revolutionize agriculture supply chain management through the seamless integration of Good Agriculture Practices (GAP). With a focus on enhancing farmer crop analysis and advisement, optimizing cold storages, and establishing strategic produce city distribution hubs, DFarm aims to modernize and optimize the agriculture sector for sustainable growth and improved efficiency.


  1. Sesat’s expertise enabled DFarm to achieve seamless streamlining of their agriculture process. Through automation, every step from harvesting to logistics and sales was optimized, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. This sophisticated approach revolutionized DFarm’s operations and enhanced overall efficiency.
  2. Sesat played a pivotal role in empowering DFarm to establish a cutting-edge digital hub. This robust platform enables quick access to agricultural services, facilities, including cold storages, and efficient logistics.

DFarm’s Challenges

High food wastage to poor efficiency
The lack of cold storage facilities and easy access to bulk harvest transportation often results in precious produce going to waste. The absence of a centralized system to access nearby facilities further exacerbates the issue. Setting up individual systems requires substantial investments, making it an impractical solution. This not only means losing the fruits of their labor but also facing financial setbacks that can be hard to recover from.

Lack of data centralization
For farmers, the lack of a centralized platform showcasing nearby logistics and cold storage services has been a pressing challenge. This has left them with the tough choice of either handling it all manually or facing the unfortunate consequence of wastage, leading to substantial financial losses.

Lack of accessibility
The absence of accessible reefer truck logistics often forces farmers to store their harvest in warehouses for extended periods, resulting in unfortunate food wastage. Moreover, unfresh produce fetches lower compensation, translating to diminished returns on their investments. However, procuring individual contracts for reefer trucks can be cost-prohibitive.

Siloed Processes
The current agricultural landscape lacks a cohesive system to streamline the entire journey, from harvesting to market delivery. Multiple stakeholders, intricate processes, and disparate systems result in not only food wastage but also time, productivity, and efficiency losses.

Reduced Time-to-Market
The journey from harvesting to reaching the market involves multiple stakeholders, intricate processes, and various systems. However, the lack of a centralized and efficient solution creates a ripple effect of challenges. As a consequence, farmers face not only food wastage but also waste valuable time, effort, and productivity. Without a streamlined approach, the time it takes for the harvest to reach the market is prolonged, resulting in significant financial losses.

Sesat’s Solutions

Digitizing Agriculture Operations
Sesat’s transformative contribution to DFarm led to the development of a sophisticated mobile app empowering farmers to efficiently manage and upload crucial harvest and produce information. By centralizing operations, the platform minimizes reliance on multiple stakeholders and commission fees, fostering heightened efficiency and financial optimization for farmers.

Comprehensive harvest tracking
DFarm’s comprehensive mobile app not only enables farmers to manage their produce information efficiently but also empowers them to track their harvest’s status at every critical stage. With this user-friendly platform, farmers can effortlessly track their harvest’s progress at every stage, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making. Farmers can also assess the health condition and freshness of their crops, helping them identify potential issues and take prompt action to prevent food wastage.

24/7 Customer Support
DFarm’s mobile app goes beyond just harvest tracking, offering farmers a reliable and dedicated 24/7 customer support. With continuous updates on their harvest status, farmers stay informed throughout the process. Whether seeking feedback, suggestions, or clarifications related to their agriculture, DFarm’s support team is readily available to assist farmers at any stage. The user-friendly interface encourages seamless communication, enabling farmers to share inputs, gather valuable insights, and seek guidance for optimal agricultural practices.