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About Curantis Solutions
Curantis Solutions is a compassionate and dedicated organization, driven by the mission to prioritize hospice care. Recognizing that hospice is the final phase in a patient’s journey, they aim to elevate the support systems that underpin this critical stage. Unlike other technology companies, Curantis Solutions places caregivers and patients at the forefront of their focus. With a deep sense of empathy and a passion for patient care, their team comprises seasoned healthcare veterans and skilled software developers. Together, they leverage decades of experience to create empowering solutions that cater to the unique needs of caregivers. As a result, Curantis Solutions offers the most comprehensive and caregiver-centric solution available in the market today. Their unwavering commitment to enhancing hospice care ensures that patients receive the highest quality support during this vital phase of their lives.

Curantis Solutions
Curantis Solutions provides comprehensive and caregiver-focused technology solutions for hospice care. They prioritize empathy and patient well-being, offering empowering tools to support caregivers and enhance the quality of end-of-life care.


Curantis Solutions aimed to develop a comprehensive hospice-focused software suite with a unique “plan-of-care-centric” design, automating workflows, ensuring compliance with government regulations, and offering flexibility for caregivers in the field. They sought a cloud-based solution with real-time access, seamless collaboration across devices, and unlimited support to bridge billing, compliance, and patient management seamlessly.

Curantis Solutions’ Challenges

  1. Patient response time

    In the early stages, Curantis Solutions encountered hurdles with manual patient record updates during admission or joining, resulting in extended response times during critical hours. This created challenges for both patients and staff in accessing vital information promptly. As a solution, Curantis aimed to develop an advanced and centralized cloud-based system, streamlining the process and substantially reducing patient response time.
  2. Managing healthcare information manually

    Curantis Solutions encountered significant obstacles as they lacked an effective and centralized digital system to track, store, and manage patient health records. This reliance on manual processes not only proved time-consuming but also led to frequent errors and inefficiencies. As a consequence, both patients and staff faced difficulties in accessing and managing essential health records, hindering the overall quality of care provided.
  3. Siloed patient care operations

    Despite facing challenges like fragmented patient care operations, disjointed ordering, inventory, delivery, and pharmacy processes, Curantis Solutions recognized the need for streamlining and automation. Their vision was to implement a centralized cloud-based system that unifies all records in one place, reducing administrative burdens, and allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care. By adopting this approach, Curantis aimed to optimize their workflow, enhance efficiency, and ultimately deliver an elevated level of patient attention and care.

Sesat Technology’s Solutions

  1. Automated Patient Health Care Info Management

    With Sesat Solutions’ expertise, Curantis successfully developed a user-friendly and intuitive centralized repository of patient records. The system’s simplicity eliminates the need for extensive training, as the UI screens are self-explanatory and easy to navigate. Patient records are automatically saved, preventing any data gaps or siloes, and updates are seamlessly synchronized across all devices. As a result, both patients and staff can effortlessly access and manage patient information, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their healthcare operations.
  2. Streamlining patient record management

    The Curantis Suite provides a comprehensive set of features designed to optimize caregiver efficiency and enhance the patient experience. From patient profiles and caregiver details to historical billing data, vitals, medical records, clinical benefits, certifications, and visit details – all information is seamlessly updated across all devices automatically. This seamless synchronization ensures caregivers can save time and focus on delivering exceptional patient care while having easy access to crucial data at their fingertips.
  3. Efficient Hospice care with cutting-edge cloud-based software

    Sesat assisted Curantis in creating a robust hospice management software. The cloud-based platform enables caregivers to access real-time information and collaborate seamlessly across various devices without the need for large software downloads. It efficiently manages relational data with minimal manual intervention. The user experience is optimized as the system remembers the user’s previous session, even after logging out or leaving the system unattended for extended periods. Dashboards have been integrated to help identify trends and patterns, enhancing overall usability.


  • 60% Time saved
  • 90% Improved Patient response time
  • 70% Reduced compliance issues
  • 90% Error reduction in patient records
  • 85% Enhanced patient care
  • 77% Improved patient responsiveness