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About Cogency Global

COGENCY GLOBAL is a company committed to providing representation, transactional, and corporate compliance services. Their tagline, “The Right Response at the Right Time, Every Time®”, signifies their dedication to understanding clients’ needs and offering timely solutions. They ensure clients are never forgotten, evolving alongside them to pave the way to their goals. They offer resources to future-proof organizations, catering to both for-profit and non-profit entities, including law firms and multi-jurisdictional corporations. COGENCY GLOBAL’s services are designed to meet unique representation and compliance requirements, supported by tools like Entity Central® and UCC ProFile. With a legacy since 1980, they maintain a personalized approach, treating global clients as individuals.

Cogency Global

COGENCY GLOBAL, a prominent name in the legal and corporate landscape, delivers comprehensive representation, compliance, and transactional services. With a global reach, they cater to diverse legal, corporate, and business requirements, offering valuable solutions and expertise across various sectors.


Corporate Compliance


The primary objective of COGENCY GLOBAL is to develop a distinct and specialized website tailored for Charitable Organizations. This digital platform is meticulously designed to streamline the registration process across pertinent states where fundraising activities are conducted. With a focus on precision and transparency, the website serves as an informative resource for both existing and prospective clients, elucidating the imperative nuances of registration mandates, geographical jurisdictions, and the associated financial considerations tied to availing COGENCY GLOBAL’s comprehensive services.

Cogency’s Challenges

  1. Regulatory compliances
    The challenge of a complex regulatory landscape entails grappling with the intricate and often divergent legal prerequisites imposed by various states. Charitable Organizations operating across different jurisdictions must contend with a myriad of regulations, each with its unique set of rules, deadlines, and documentation. This demands a comprehensive grasp of the nuanced legal frameworks that govern fundraising activities in each state.

    As COGENCY GLOBAL aims to facilitate streamlined registration, the challenge of navigating complex regulations becomes paramount. The website must not only provide clear and concise information but also keep pace with the evolving legal nuances. Addressing this challenge requires the website to serve as a reliable resource, offering comprehensive insights into the regulatory requirements of each state.

  2. Real-time monitoring
    The challenge of maintaining the website’s content in alignment with the ever-evolving landscape of state regulations and associated fees demands a meticulous and ongoing effort. Given the dynamic nature of regulatory frameworks governing charitable fundraising activities, the website’s content must reflect the latest changes accurately to provide value to Charitable Organizations.

    Continuous monitoring becomes imperative, involving systematic tracking of updates in regulations, deadlines, forms, and fee structures across different states. This involves not only comprehending the changes but swiftly integrating them into the website’s content. Any lag in updating the information could lead to erroneous guidance, potentially causing compliance issues for Charitable Organizations.

  3. Educating Customers
    Educating clients about the significance of registration, associated costs, and the multifaceted benefits entails a sustained and multifunctional endeavor. Charitable Organizations may vary in their awareness of the regulatory landscape, the necessity of compliance, and the advantages that stem from proper registration.

    COGENCY GLOBAL faces the task of not only conveying the legal imperative of registration but also elucidating the potential pitfalls of non-compliance. This educational effort involves demonstrating how adhering to state regulations safeguards the reputation and credibility of Charitable Organizations while fostering trust among stakeholders.

    Moreover, clarifying the costs involved, whether they pertain to fees, administrative efforts, or potential penalties, becomes integral. Balancing this with the benefits—such as enhanced transparency, improved governance, and heightened donor confidence—requires a comprehensive communication strategy.

Sesat’s Solutions

  1. Multi-step authentication
    SESAT played a pivotal role in developing this solution for COGENCY GLOBAL. The user access process involves structured steps: answering tailored questions, gaining approval, and creating a secure username and password. This safeguards against unauthorized access, distinguishing COGENCY GLOBAL from rivals.

    This distinctive security protocol grants an edge by allowing access to genuine users only. Unlike competitors, COGENCY GLOBAL’s comprehensive system upholds data integrity and privacy. This appeals to both new charitable organizations and existing clients, as the site offers vital compliance information and solutions, reinforcing the company’s standing.

  2. Tailored customer experience
    SESAT played a pivotal role in collaboratively engineering this solution with COGENCY GLOBAL. The meticulous approach centers on categorizing Cogency’s charitable entities into four distinct segments. Each segment is subject to a tailored line of questionnaire, meticulously designed to ascertain the precise scope and expenses associated with mandatory state filings.

    The strategic intervention by SESAT culminates in the automatic generation of comprehensive proposals, meticulously encompassing all requisite information and an itemized breakdown of costs. This personalized proposal equips clients with an intricate understanding of the process and financial implications. SESAT’s intricate contribution elevates COGENCY GLOBAL’s capacity to adeptly address the nuanced requisites of diverse charitable sectors. Consequently, this synergistic collaboration enhances operational efficiency, augments client interactions, and fortifies the company’s industry standing.

  3. User experience
    SESAT collaboratively constructed a customized website tailored to COGENCY GLOBAL’s specific needs, efficiently addressing various challenges and optimizing operational efficiency. The process commenced with an in-depth analysis of COGENCY GLOBAL’s requirements, encompassing user access protocols, data integrity, and the dynamic nature of state regulations.

    Leveraging their technical expertise, SESAT meticulously designed an interface that streamlined user access. The structured entry process, including tailored questions and subsequent approval, ensured security while allowing genuine stakeholders to engage seamlessly. SESAT’s input also facilitated the implementation of a user-friendly interface for setting up usernames and passwords, bolstering the overall security architecture.