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About Lean Agile Intelligence

Lean Agile Intelligence is focused on transforming traditional assessments in Agile environments, the company aims to make the process enjoyable and valuable. By shifting from an audit mindset to a fun, learning, and feedback approach, Lean Agile Intelligence seeks to empower organizations to make data-driven improvement decisions at all levels.



Lean Agile Intelligence seeks to develop an agile assessment tool that automates and enhances usability, enables quick setup of customizable assessments, provides user-friendly dashboards for real-time business analysis, ensures scalability for future agile features, and offers 24/7 accessibility across devices.

Lean Agile Intelligence’s Challenges

  • Data visualization:

    Designing intuitive dashboards for meaningful business analysis could be a challenge, as presenting complex data in a user-friendly manner requires careful consideration of information architecture and design principles.

  • API and data handling:

    Ensuring smooth communication and data handling between the assessment tool and other Agile tools involve challenges related to API integrations, data synchronization, and consistency.

  • Configurability complexity:

    Balancing the flexibility to set up inbuilt or customizable assessments with minimal time consumption may have involved intricate configuration challenges in the tool’s architecture.

  • Scalability architecture:

    Building a system easily scalable for future Agile features demands a robust architecture capable of handling increased load, data, and functionalities without compromising performance.

Sesat’s Solutions

  • Robust Security Framework:

    Sesat proposed implementing OAuth 2.0 as a robust security framework to address authentication and authorization challenges in the Agile assessment tool. OAuth 2.0 is a widely adopted open-source framework with active support and contributions from major tech entities such as Google, Facebook, Oracle, and Twitter. Leveraging OAuth 2.0 ensures industry-standard security practices, benefiting from the continuous improvements and security measures. OAuth 2.0 enables effective control over user registrations, streamlining the onboarding process and enhancing security measures during user account creation. The framework supports efficient user activation processes, ensuring that users are appropriately verified and authorized before accessing the Agile assessment tool.

  • Responsive mobile application for end users:

    SESAT implemented responsive navigation menus, allowing users to easily navigate through the application regardless of the device they are using. By incorporating the latest technologies and guidelines, SESAT ensured the application’s compatibility with future web standards, allowing for progressive enhancement and longevity. Developing a single responsive application reduces the need for separate mobile applications for different platforms, offering a cost-effective solution.

  • Modular architecture:

    SESAT designed the platform with a modular architecture, allowing components to be easily customized or extended based on specific organizational needs. This modularity enhances flexibility and scalability. The platform supports dynamic assessment templates, enabling organizations to create, modify, or tailor assessments according to their Agile methodologies. This customization ensures alignment with unique processes and workflows.