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About Wealthtech

WealthTech is a company specializing in hyper-scale, cloud-native asset management solutions tailored to the needs of modern investors. Their platform is designed to harness the power of cloud computing to provide a scalable and customizable approach to managing assets efficiently and intelligently.

WealthTech stands at the forefront of asset management technology, offering a comprehensive, scalable, and intelligent solution that empowers investors to achieve their financial goals effectively and efficiently in today’s dynamic market landscape.



The business objective of WealthTech is to deliver essential analytics to users before market opening, aiming to equip them with a competitive advantage in crafting investment strategies. By providing timely insights, WealthTech seeks to empower users to make informed decisions, enhancing their performance and success in the market.

Challenges of WealthTech

  • Scalable Infrastructure:

    Designing an infrastructure that can dynamically scale resources up or down based on demand, utilizing technologies such as auto-scaling groups and container orchestration platforms was a challenge for WealthTech

  • Data Accuracy and Consistency:

    Establishing robust data validation procedures to identify and correct errors or inconsistencies in incoming data, ensuring that only accurate and reliable information is used for analytics.

    Implementing a data governance framework to define standards, policies, and procedures for managing data quality and consistency throughout its lifecycle, ensuring adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements.

  • Market Data Timeliness:

    Utilizing real-time data processing technologies and techniques to collect, process, and analyze market data as soon as it becomes available, minimizing latency and ensuring timely delivery of insights.

  • Algorithm Development:

    Conducting extensive research and experimentation to develop and refine sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models for predictive analytics and portfolio optimization, leveraging techniques such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, and reinforcement learning.

Sesat’s Solutions

  • Platform Reliability:

    SESAT developed a fault-tolerant architecture with redundant components and automated failover mechanisms to ensure continuous operation. We provided an automated monitoring and alerting system to detect and resolve issues proactively, minimizing downtime.

  • Scalable Infrastructure:

    SESAT offered scalable cloud infrastructure solutions, utilizing technologies like auto-scaling groups and container orchestration platforms to dynamically adjust resources based on demand. We provided load balancing solutions to evenly distribute traffic and prevent overloading of servers during peak usage periods.

  • Solved Data Integration Complexities:

    SESAT might develop data integration solutions to streamline the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process for integrating data from various sources. We offered API integration services and unified data models to simplify data integration and ensure consistency across disparate sources.