15 Must-know Cybersecurity Metrics

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admin July 28, 2023 0 Comments

You cannot improve what you can’t measure

How many of you truly measure your cybersecurity systems or processes?

Surprisingly, many organizations neglect the importance of monitoring cybersecurity metrics, let alone measuring them. 😱

But here’s the truth: to truly enhance your cybersecurity, you must start by measuring it

Measuring cybersecurity metrics provides invaluable insights into your security posture, highlights vulnerabilities, and helps you prioritize necessary actions.

It’s the first step towards proactive improvement.

So, let’s change the narrative today and start measuring your cybersecurity.

Wondering where to start?

Here’s a list of metrics to help you build an efficient cybersecurity system for your organization

1. Number of Security Incidents
2. Time to Detect and Respond to Incidents
3. Vulnerability Patching Time
4. Security Awareness Training Completion Rate
5. Phishing Email Click Rate
6. Number of Unauthorized Access Attempts
7. Firewall Effectiveness
8. Antivirus/Antimalware Detection Rate
9. Employee Security Compliance Rate
10. Security Audit Findings Closure Time
11. Security Risk Assessment Score
12. Data Breach Cost
13. Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)
14. Security Incident Response Time
15. Compliance with Regulatory Standards