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Did you know that 96% of professionals believe that automating security and compliance operations, a fundamental principle of DevSecOps, can bring significant benefits to their organizations?

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations are realizing the importance of integrating security into their development and operations processes.

By automating security and compliance operations, businesses can enhance their resilience against cyber threats while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Automation is the secret ingredient that drives successful DevSecOps practices. Organizations that have embraced automation have witnessed a range of benefits, including reduced security incidents, accelerated time to market, and increased overall business agility. ????

As the threats continue to rise, the need for robust security practices becomes even more crucial. DevSecOps, with its focus on integrating security into every phase of software development, ensures proactive protection against vulnerabilities and minimizes risk exposure. ????️

So, if you are someone with a passion for DevSecOps and the desire to contribute to secure software development, here’s a glimpse of the essential skillset you need to thrive in this dynamic field.




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